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Advanced Space Subject Verb
Answer Key

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©Courseware Solutions for Free Printable K - 8 Worksheets

Someone from the astronomy club _ the telescope./0/uses,use Everyone with binoculars _ craters on the moon./0/sees,see Everyone in the group _ when they see the meteor./0/shouts,shout Everybody _ through the telescope./0/looks,look Somebody _ a falling star./0/sees,see Anybody _ welcome to join the star watchers./0/is,are The report on the planets _ on the desk./0/sits,sit Flags from every country _ painted on the rocket./1/is,are One of the comets _ across the sky./0/shoots,shoot A family with five kids _ to Florida to see the launch./0/travels,travel The members of Noah's family _ to Cape Canaveral./1/travels,travel Members of the public _ special events at the museum./1/attends,attend Every one of the planets _ the sun./0/orbits,orbit All the planets in the solar system _ the sun./1/orbits,orbit Fifty percent of the class _ looked through binoculars./0/has,have Ten percent of the students _ visited the observatory./1/has,have None of the group _ missing./0/is,are None of the students _ missing./1/is,are Either the astronauts or the flight director _ at fault./0/is,are Either the flight director or the astronauts _ at fault./1/is,are Neither Venus nor Mercury _ life as we know it./0/supports,support Neither Cici nor Tim _ going to the star party./0/is,are Neither the students nor the teachers _ ready for the test./1/is,are Either the director or the volunteers _ with the telescope./1/helps,help