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Subject Verb Agreement Basketball All-Star
Answer Key

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Subject Verb Agreement Basketball All-Star.

©Courseware Solutions for Free Printable K - 8 Worksheets

Over 40 percent of her three-point attempts _ good./1/is,are 100 percent of the crowd _ to support the team./0/seems,seem Half the fans _ before the end of the game./1/leaves, leave Half of the building _ power during the storm./0/loses,lose Some of the fans _ around for autographs./1/waits,wait Some of the crowd _ the penalty call./0/boos,boo A lot of people _ that our team will make the finals./1/believes,believe A lot of the problem _ lack of experience./0/is,are Most of the players _ Coach Grant./1/likes,like Most of the team _ already on the bus./0/is,are All the players _ to win./1/wants,want All of the crowd _ to applaud the players./1/makes,make Either the mascot or the cheerleaders _ the crowd during timeouts./1/entertains,entertain Either their star or their role players _ to step up tonight./1/needs,need Neither Vince nor his teammates _ up for the press conference./1/shows,show Neither her shooting nor her ball handling _ improvement./0/needs,need Everybody _ shooting well tonight./0/is,are Everybody _ when the team comes out./0/cheers,cheer Everyone _ the court at the final buzzer./0/rushes,rush Everyone _ it will be an exciting game./0/hopes,hope Nobody _ shooting well today./0/is,are Nobody _ the Celtics are going to win./0/thinks,think Somebody _ him a towel as he goes to the bench./0/hands,hand Someone in the stands _ the victory chant./0/starts,start