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Basketball Subject Verb Agreement
Answer Key

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He _ the ball./0/holds,hold She _ to get the ball./0/runs,run Jamal _ a shot./0/takes,take Weston _ for a basket./0/shoots,shoot Ella _ the score./0/ties,tie Alex _ the pass./0/takes,take Juan _ the shot./0/blocks,block He _ a basket./0/sinks,sink She _ 20 points./0/scores,score Eric _ the ball./0/passes,pass Madelyn _ a pass./0/makes,make Raj _ basketball./0/plays,play Juan _ the ball./0/dunks,dunk Ethan _ up the ball./0/picks,pick Noah's sister _ for him./0/cheers,cheer Amy _ me the ball./0/gives,give They _ loudly./0/claps,clap Tyler _ a new record./0/sets,set Maria _ the ball./0/drops,drop Zak _ the ball to Ava./0/tosses,toss Mike _ we will win./0/thinks,think My aunt _ for my ticket./0/pays,pay Lucas _ the ball./0/throws,throw He _ at the basket./0/looks,look The coach _ the team./0/helps,help Arjun _ to get a basket./0/jumps,jump The fans _ in the stands./1/sits,sit They _ by one point./1/wins,win The boys _ onto the court./1/runs,run We _ to win./1/wants,want The players _ around./1/runs,run My friends _ me play./1/watches,watch Two boys _ ball./1/plays,play Two brothers _ ball./1/plays,play The fans _ up to cheer./1/stands,stand My brothers _ basketball./1/loves,love