Sight Word Booklets to Read, Write, Color, Cut and Paste

Making a Sight Word Story Booklet: "Hop to It!"

  1. Make copies of the next 2 pages for each child or pair of children.
  2. Hand out the page with words. Have students fold it in half so that the top and bottom meet, and the words are on the outside.
  3. Then fold it in half again so that the left and right sides of the page meet and the title page with "Hop to It!" on it is on the outside. This forms a 4-page booklet.
  4. Read the booklet aloud with your students.
  5. Hand out the page with pictures for the children to color.
  6. Then ask them to read the first page of the booklet, choose the picture that matches the words, cut it out, and paste or attach it to the first page. Do this for the second and third pages too.
  7. For the last page, children can use one or more of the pictures from the picture page, or they can draw their own. They may also write their own names under the picture.

Follow Up "Jump" Activity - Write the Words

Make copies of the last page available and have the children make their own "Jump" story booklet, including writing the words. They can draw their own pictures, find pictures to cut out from old magazines or coloring books, trace pictures, or find stickers or stamps.

Make Your Own Booklet

  1. Start a horizontal row of action words with "hop". Have the children add a few more verbs, like run, skip or fly.
  2. Under "hop" write "rabbit", "frog", "bird" and "you". Ask for additions, both common nouns like other animals, and proper nouns like names of children. Continue on with the other verbs.
  3. Show how the nouns and verbs can be combined to make a 4-sentence story ("A horse can run. A dog can too...").
  4. Have them make their own illustrated booklets using either the lists you made or new verbs and nouns that they think up themselves, and then read them aloud to the class.

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A bird can hop.
A frog hops too.
And so can you!

Hop to It!

A rabbit hops.
Boy Rabbit Kid Frog Bird Girl
A dog can jump.
A frog jumps too.
And so can you.


A rabbit jumps.