Free Printable Early Literacy Lesson Plan and Worksheet

Writing Sentences with High Frequency Sight Words

  • This is an individual or small group activity.
  • Copies of the High-Frequency Sight Words List, or a similar list of your choice, and paper and pencil are required.
  • Recommended grade level is 2. Skills addressed include:
    • writing complete sentences
    • reading common sight words
    • spelling common sight words


  1. Hand out copies of or display the High-Frequency Sight Words.
  2. The challenge is to try to write three sentences using as many words from the list as possible.
  3. Explain the scoring to help explain the goal:
    • Win 1 point for each different word from the list used. Repeats of a word don’t earn extra points.
    • Misspelled words don't earn points.
    • Words that are not used in a complete sentence don’t count either.
  4. After scoring have the students read their sentences aloud to the rest of the group.


  1. Set a time limit instead of limiting the number of sentences.
  2. Have the children rewrite any misspelled words or incomplete sentences before final scoring.
  3. For 10 extra points, write a sentence with NO words from the list. for Free Printable K - 8 Worksheets