Fill-in-the-Blanks Rhymes Worksheet

Some of the words from the poem are missing. Find them in the box and write them where they belong.
Extra challenge: Fold under the bottom part of the worksheet to hide the words, and then try to fill in the rhyming words on your own!

The Opposites: Joe and Moe

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Like cats and dogs,

The two friends ________,

They're at it all day,

And into the ________.//fight//night//food//fight//night You've never seen a pair

Who argue like ________.

If Joe says "thin",

Moe will say "________".//that//fat//stop//fat//that Joe drinks tea with milk,

But Moe prefers ________.

When one speaks softly,

The other wants to ________.//cream//scream//scream//shout//cream Moe wears black,

Joe wears ________.

Suggesting a change

Will surely start a ________.//white//fight//white//red//fight Joe reads magazines

And comics and ________.

Moe surfs the Net

And sometimes ________.//books//cooks//reads//cooks//books Moe plays soccer

And scores lots of ________.

But Joe really shines

Only when he ________.//goals//bowls//goals//plays//bowls Moe is very lively,

Joe is more ________.

Moe plays the guitar

And Joe plays the ________.//mellow//cello//piano//mellow//cello They always disagree

On what to ________.

"Opposites attract,"

Must be ________.//do//true//do//true//new Joe loves to sing

And can carry a ________.

But you may leave the room

If Moe starts to ________.//tune//croon//tune//smell//croon The people in their town

Know them very ________.

They see them on the street.

"Hey, Opposites!" they ________.//well//yell//yell//well//say When ordering ice cream

There is always a ________.

Moe likes vanilla

And Joe, heavenly ________.//clash//hash//chocolate//hash//clash Joe has a bag

In the shape of a ________.

Moe has a clown horn

That honks like a ________.//moose//goose//goose//mouse//moose Moe likes TV,

Especially ________.

Joe likes to read

About planets and their ________.//cartoons//moons//stars//cartoons//moons Moe likes to hike,

Says "Let's hit the ________."

Joe says, "No way,

I'd rather ________."//trail//sail//not//sail//trail One likes loud clothes,

Bright red is the ________.

But really, they don't care

How they ________.//best//dress//best//look//dress Joe wakes up

At the crack of ________.

But Moe loves to sleep

And will often ________.//dawn//yawn//stretch//yawn//dawn Moe cracks jokes

And makes everyone ________.

But Joe is funnier

By a mile and a ________!//laugh//half//smile//laugh//half One is weak,

The other is ________.

If you think they're the same,

You are very ________.//strong//wrong//strong//silly//wrong Moe loves the sun

And relaxing at the ________.

Poor Joe gets a sunburn

With skin like a ________.//beach//peach//pig//beach//peach One moves really fast,

As quick as a ________.

The other plods along.

It's a very bad ________.//rabbit//habit//habit//thing//habit They look so much alike

You think they are ________.

But that's not the case,

They speak in different ________.//clones//tones//clones//twins//tones