Making Words with Suffixes Worksheet

Fill in the missing suffix:

WordDefinition Clue
ful with or full of root less without root ly in a root way er someone who roots est the most root

Guess the mystery word. Hint: Every mystery word has a suffix.

WordDefinition Clue

care-ful pain-ful fear-ful hope-ful thought-ful use-ful cheer-ful color-less blame-less use-less hope-less pain-less fear-less care-less sight-less taste-less shy-ly heart-less careless-ly brave-ly glad-ly quick-ly quiet-ly careful-ly soft-ly slow-ly sad-ly paint-er work-er farm-er play-er read-er spell-er think-er hunt-er climb-er great-est quick-est poor-est high-est low-est sharp-est tall-est rich-est