Christmas Reading Comprehension

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The Yule Lads of Iceland

Christmas in Iceland is a little bit different. For 13 days, starting from December 12, the children are visited by a different "Yule Lad" each day.

Legend has it that the Yule Lads are the sons of Gryla and Leppaluol. Gryla, the mother, was a very evil troll. Often shown with an extra eye in the back of her head, Gryla always knew when anyone behaved badly.

Gryla's cat was scary too. If a child didn't get any new clothes for Christmas, the cat would eat the child for lunch! This legend lives on in the popular Icelandic saying, "You don't want to go to the Yuletide Cat."

Long ago, the Yule Lads were more like their evil mother. They tried to trick children into behaving better. In more modern times, these 13 visitors have become much friendlier. They look more like little Santas than scary trolls.

Many children place a shoe on their windowsill on each of the 13 nights before Christmas. If they've been good, they'll receive a small gift from the Yule Lad. If they've misbehaved, they'll get a potato.

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How many Yule Lads are there?
13 Who is the mother of the Yule Lads?
Gryla Who is the father of the Yule Lads?
St. Nicholas
Leppaluol Long ago, what did the Yule Lads look like?
little Santa Clauses
scary trolls
scary trolls In modern times, how are the Yule Lads pictured?
like little Santa Clauses
like scary trolls
like cats
like little Santa Clauses In what do the Yule Lads put gifts for the children?
big baskets
shoes What do the Yule Lads leave for children who have been bad?
a potato
an empty box
a cat
a potato When do the Yule Lads start their visits?
December 12
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
December 12 Why did Gryla have an eye at the back of her head?
She liked to walk backwards.
to watch for children who misbehave
to watch her cat
to watch for children who misbehave What do you think the saying "You don't want to go to the Yuletide Cat" means?
You don't want to be in big trouble.
You don't want new clothes.
You don't want to celebrate Christmas.
You don't want to be in big trouble.

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