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The First Space Dogs


The Russian dogs, Belka and Strelka, were the first dogs to spend time in space and come back safely.

They were sent into orbit in August 1960 on board the Russian spaceship, Sputnik 5. After a full day in space, the dogs landed back on earth.

With them on their day-long trip to outer space were 42 mice, 1 rabbit and 2 rats. All the animals came back alive, but only the dogs became famous Russian stars.

Strelka later gave birth to six puppies. One of the puppies was given as a gift to Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of US President John F. Kennedy. Caroline named the dog Fluffy.

After Belka and Strelka died, their bodies were stuffed and put on display in a Moscow Space Museum. Their pictures were used on postage stamps, and their story became the very popular Russian cartoon, Belka and Strelka - Star Dogs.

When did Belka and Strelka go into space?
1960, 1980, 2010

On what spacecraft did the dogs orbit the earth?
Soyuz 3, Sputnik 5, Voyager 2
Sputnik 5

How long were the dogs in space?
one day, one week, one month
one day

What other animals went into space with the dogs?
monkeys, cats and frogs, mice and a rabbit
mice and a rabbit

Who was Fluffy?
another space dog, Strelka's puppy given to Caroline Kennedy, a Russian cartoon character
Strelka's puppy given to Caroline Kennedy

What is a sign that Belka and Strelka became stars?
Their pictures were on stamps., They got medals of honor., Both of these are correct.
Their pictures were on stamps.

What was the name of the cartoon made about Belka and Strelka?
Belka and Strelka - Space Dogs, Belka and Strelka - Soviet Space Dogs, Belka and Strelka - Star Dogs
Belka and Strelka - Star Dogs

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