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Coyote and the Cheese - a Mexican Folktale

One night, when a big full moon was shining in the sky, Señor Coyote saw Conejo, the rabbit, sitting by a pond.

"I'm going to eat you!" said Señor Coyote.

"Wait!" said Conejo. "Don't you see that big, round, delicious yellow cheese in the pond? If you swim out and get it, I'll get some tortillas and we'll have a fiesta."

"I love cheese," said Señor Coyote. "But how do I know you'll be here when I come out of the pond?"

"Do you think I'd leave all that cheese for you?" said Conejo.

Señor Coyote jumped into the pond and swam toward the cheese. But the cheese always stayed ahead of him. Every time he tried to grab the yellow circle with his teeth, water rushed into his mouth.

Finally, hungry, tired, and wet, he gave up. He lifted his head to the big, round, yellow moon and howled.

Conejo, who had tricked Señor Coyote, was long gone.

How did the rabbit trick the coyote?
The rabbit hid behind a tree., The rabbit gave the coyote some fish and said it was cheese., The rabbit told the coyote that there was a ball of cheese on the water.
The rabbit told the coyote that there was a ball of cheese on the water.

What was really on the water that looked like cheese?
a yellow fish, the reflection of the moon, the sun
the reflection of the moon

What do you think the Spanish word "Conejo" means?
rabbit, cheese, coyote

How was the moon like a ball of cheese?
It smelled like cheese., It was big and round and yellow., It was shining.
It was big and round and yellow.

Who is the smarter one in this story?
Conejo, Señor Coyote, Both Conejo and Señor Coyote are equally smart.

Why couldn't Coyote grab the cheese?
It was just a reflection of the moon., His teeth weren't long enough., The cheese was slippery.
It was just a reflection of the moon.

Why did Señor Coyote give up trying to get the cheese?
He knew it wasn't really cheese., He saw other food to eat., He got too tired and hungry.
He got too tired and hungry.

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