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Old Bird, New Mom

An Old Bird is a New Mom

From, February 2013

An albatross named Wisdom is the oldest wild bird in the world.

Most of the time she flies around the Pacific Ocean.
When she's not in the air, she lives on an island near Hawaii.

Most birds like Wisdom live to be 30 years old.
Wisdom is 62!

Wisdom is the oldest bird mother ever.  At the age of 62, she laid an egg and hatched a healthy baby chick.  In total, she has had 35 chicks.  That is a lot for an albatross!

No one knows why Wisdom is like this.

What kind of bird is Wisdom?
albatross, pelican, stork

How old was Wisdom when this story was written?
30, 35, 62

How many chicks has Wisdom had?
6, 35, 60

A wild albatross usually lives how many years?
30, 60, 62

Where does Wisdom live?
Australia, an island near Hawaii, India
an island near Hawaii

What does Wisdom do most of the time?
fly around the Pacific Ocean, play, sleep
fly around the Pacific Ocean

When was this news report?, February 2013, It doesn't say.
February 2013

Why has Wisdom lived so long?
She has big wings., She eats a lot of fish., No one knows.
No one knows.

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