Adverbs +
2nd Grade

Subject Verb Agreement +
3rd Grade

Map Western States and Capitals + 5th Grade

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Kindergarten Worksheets

Kindergarten Language Arts:

Letter Identification & Discrimination +
Letter Printing
Letter Recognition+
Picture Crosswords+

1st Grade Worksheets

1st Grade Language Arts:

End Punctuation+
Picture Crosswords+
Plurals Worksheets+
ES Plurals Worksheets+
Phonics Vowel Sounds +
Sight Word Search+
Start, Middle, End Sounds+
Subject Verb Agreement+
NEW! Syllable Scrambles +
NEW! Verb Tense+
Vocabulary +

2nd Grade Worksheets

2nd Grade Language Arts:

Adjectives +
NEW! Adverbs +
Animal Fathers and Babies Vocabulary Sort +
Animal Folk Tales Lesson Plan +
Animal Mothers and Babies Sort +
Beginning & End Sounds+
Compound Words +
Plurals Word Search +
Presidents on Money +
NEW! Pronouns +
Punctuation - Commas+
Sentence Writing with Sight Words Lesson Plan with High Frequency Sight Words List +
Sight Word Search +
Subject Verb Agreement+
NEW! Verb Tense+
Vocabulary +

3rd Grade Worksheets

3rd Grade Language Arts:

Compare with Adjectives & Adverbs+
Compound Words+
Connecting Words+
End Punctuation+
Homophones Worksheets+
3rd Grade Language Arts Skills Testing
Past Tense of Irregular Verbs+
Possessive and Apostrophe+
Prefixes and Suffixes+
Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement+
Rhymes Worksheets
Sight Word Search+
Spelling - Vowels, Plurals, Past+
Writing Sight Word Stories Lesson Plan with Grade Appropriate Nouns List +
Subject Verb Agreement+
NEW! Subject Verb Agreement - Basketball +
Subject Verb Agreement - Sports+
Syllables Worksheets +
Vocabulary +

4th Grade Worksheets

4th Grade Geography:

NEW! 15 States in the North and East U. S. Geography Map+
West U. S. States Geography Map+

4th Grade Language Arts:

Antonyms +
Continuous Verb Forms +
Homophones +
4th Grade Language Arts Skills Testing
NEW! Relative Pronouns & Adverbs+
Shorter Cryptogram Comics +
Spelling Words +
NEW! Subject Verb Agreement Basketball +
Subject Verb Agreement - Irregular Verbs +
Synonyms +
Vocabulary: Animal Mothers +
Vocabulary: Father Animal Names +
Word Order Scrambled Sentences +

5th Grade Worksheets

5th Grade Geography:

East U. S. Geography Map+
Eastern U. S. Map Reading
Map Mid and South States +
Midwest/South U. S. Map Reading
NEW! Map Western States and Capitals +
Western U. S. Map Reading+

5th Grade Language Arts:

5th Grade Language Arts Skills Testing
Long E Vowel Crossword +
Long I Crossword Puzzle+
Long O Crossword Puzzle+
NEW! Scrambled Comics Word Order +
al, el or le Endings +
Root Words+
Vocabulary PH Words+
Subject Verb Agreement +
Verb Tenses+

6th Grade Worksheets

6th Grade Language Arts:

Cryptogram Comics+
Cryptograms Word Game+
Root Words+

7th and 8th Grade

7th Grade Language Arts:

Expert Level Olympic Word Jumbles

Environmental Studies:

Hazardous Waste Events Chain
Learn about Compost Animals
Leaves in a Compost Pile
Microscopic Compost Animals
Writing a 3R's TV Plot Outline
Writing a 3R's TV Script Lesson Plan
Help the earth and change a bad habit

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