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Kindergarten English Language Arts Worksheets:

Letter Identification & Discrimination +

Letter Printing

Letter Recognition+

Picture Crosswords+

1st Grade English Language Arts Worksheets:


End Punctuation+

Picture Crosswords+

Plurals Worksheets+

ES Plurals Worksheets+

Phonics Vowel Sounds +

Sight Word Search+

Start, Middle, End Sounds+

Subject Verb Agreement+

Syllable Scrambles +

Verb Tense +

Vocabulary +

2nd Grade English Language Arts:


Adjectives +

Adverbs +

Animal Fathers and Babies Vocabulary Sort +

Animal Folk Tales Lesson Plan +

Animal Mothers and Babies Sort +

Beginning & End Sounds+

Compound Words +


Plurals Word Search +

Presidents on Money +

Pronouns +

Punctuation - Commas+

Sentence Writing with Sight Words Lesson Plan with High Frequency Sight Words List +

Sight Word Search +

Subject Verb Agreement+

Verb Tense+

Vocabulary +

3rd Grade English Language Arts Worksheets:

Compare with Adjectives & Adverbs+

Compound Words+

Connecting Words+

End Punctuation+


3rd Grade English Language Arts Skills Testing

Past Tense of Irregular Verbs+

Possessive and Apostrophe+

Prefixes and Suffixes+

Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement+

Rhymes Worksheets

Sight Word Search+

Spelling - Vowels, Plurals, Past+

Writing Sight Word Stories Lesson Plan with Nouns List +

Subject Verb Agreement+

Subject Verb Basketball +

Subject Verb - Sports+

Syllables Worksheets +

Verb Tenses

Vocabulary +

4th Grade English Language Arts Worksheets:

Antonyms +

Continuous Verb Forms +

Homophones +

4th Grade English Language Arts Skills Testing

Relative Pronouns & Adverbs+

Shorter Cryptogram Comics +

Spelling Words +

Subject Verb Agreement Basketball +

Subject Verb Agreement - Irregular Verbs +

Synonyms +


Vocabulary: Animal Mothers +

Vocabulary: Father Animal Names +

Word Order Scrambled Sentences +

5th Grade English Language Arts Worksheets:

5th Grade English Language Arts Skills Testing

Long E Crossword +

Long I Crossword Puzzle+

Long O Crossword Puzzle+


Scrambled Comics Word Order +

al, el or le Endings +

Root Words+

Vocabulary PH Words+

Subject Verb Agreement +

Verb Tenses+

6th Grade English Language Arts Worksheets:

Cryptogram Comics+

Cryptograms Word Game+

Root Words+

7th Grade English Language Arts:

Expert Level Olympic Word Jumbles

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